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Note for:   Lavinia A. Youngs,   4 Apr 1812 - 15 Feb 1890         Index

     Date:   18 Feb 1890
     Place:   Highland Cemetery, Sidney Center, Delaware, NY

Individual Note:
     The 1870 US census lists Lavinia (not Lovinia) as age 58, living with son George and daughter-in-law Martha at their home in the town of Masonville, Delaware Co., NY. From a letter dated 19 Feb 1890, Sidney Center, NY, written by daughter Allie: "Mother died Saturday evening at half past 7 o'clock and was buried here to the Center yesterday the 18 of Feb." Her tombstone says she died 15 Feb 1890 age 77 years 8 months 1 day. It also says, "Heaven is my home at last.”

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Note for:   George A. Simpson,   25 Oct 1835 - 15 Jun 1919         Index

Individual Note:
     CENSUS: Farmer George Simpson was listed in 1870 US census as living in the town of Masonville, Delaware Co., NY, and owning $4000 in real estate and $1150 personal property.
        p52: "Minutes of (Highland Cemetery) Trustees' meetings in 1883 contain offers to sell land to the Association by Geo. A. Simpson, H.W. Dewey and S.L. Wattles, although they do not contain any definite reports as to the actual purchase of land for the cemetery."
        p52: 1897 Highland Cemetery meeting minutes--"Geo. H. Simpson agreed to build (grounds tool house) 7 1/2 feet high completed foundation wall laying same above the ground in cement and digging foundation - for $52.00, which offer was accepted."
        p48: "July 3, 1924 obituary of Mary E. Fisher states '--came from Crookerville with parents, Samuel and Persis Davis in 1844 when the village consisted of 5 houses, one of which they had moved from the Simpson farm to the corner of Main and Franklin Streets, site now occupied by the ME church, which was the Davis home for many years.'"
        p48: "Sept. 25, 1888-- 'Mrs. Persis Davis is having her house shingled over. It is one of the old landmarks that we have left here. It was built about 50 years ago by a man by the name of William Foot and stood about one-half mile from the Centre on the farm owned by George Simpson. Sometime after it was built, it was removed to the Centre and put where it now stands. It came into the possession of Samuel Davis, who lived and died there. His widow still lives there and the old stone blacksmith shop that Mr. Davis worked in still stands across the road. It is believed that the house stood where the Methodist Church now stands (1992) on the corner of Main and Franklin (Easy) Streets and the blacksmith shop stood where the Howes Building Supply is."
        p157: "May 31, 1895 (DDR)--George Simpson is digging the cellar and hauling stone and lumber to build a fine residence on Franklin Street. Charles and Edward Wheat are the architects and estimated expense is $2500." Accompanying photo is captioned: "House built by Mr. Simpson. Owned by Al &Naomi Adams 1992."
        p185: "Oct. 10,1896(WR)--Arrangements are being made to run a telephone line from this place to Sidney. George Haight has taken half the stock and George Simpson a large part of the remainder. The cost is estimated at about $300. The poles are being placed."
        p197: "Mar. 16, 1901(WR)--Highway Commissioner Southard was here last week and made appointments of pathmasters. In the village are Fowler Finch, Henry Morse, George Simpson, Harmon Palmatier, G.E. Stilson and FrankSmith."
        p36 written by James Bartz in 1937 at age 13: "The first school in the Sidney Center District was located on the Simpson Farm (Floyd Roof's). A little while later it was moved to about where Mr. Sagendorf's farm is now."
        p43 by Mrs. Blanche Sagendorf in 1948: "The first school house built in Sidney Center district was located on the farm now owned by Fowler Finch, formerly known as the Simpson farm.”

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Note for:   Alvinia E. (Allie) Simpson,   18 Apr 1857 -          Index

Nickname:   Allie

Individual Note:
     Alice may have had the nickname "Allie". Her first husband was John E. Kipp, who she married July 4, 1875. Her second husband was Merritt Gregory by whom she had two children, Cora and Carrie. John Aitken was her third husband and there may be a son, Robert Aitken. Allie died an Aitken. On 13 Nov 1891 she lived in Norwich, Chenango, NY as Mrs. Allie E. Gregory, age 34. She lived at 9 Weir Street, Sidney, NY in November, 1937 as Allie E. Aitkin.