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Note for:   Aaron Franks,   1847 - 1935         Index

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     Farm laborer Aaron Franks, wife Estella, and children Maggie and Oscar lived with Estella's father, John Phoenix according to 1880 US census. Aaron's father and mother were both from England.

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Note for:   Anna Eldia Phoenix,   17 May 1861 - 1947         Index

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      Annie Phoenix was married (first) to Grover Allen, Dec. 24, 1875, when she was only 14 years old. He died of diphtheria sometime during the Spring/ Summer/Fall of 1876. Their son, Ethan (Sam), was born on Dec. 24, 1876. Annie returned home with her infant to live with her parents on a farm adjoining the Constable farm in Cleaver, on the Lower Loomis Brook Rd.
        Annie and Aaron Phoenix were brother and sister. Kate Jane and Henry Jemes Constable were brother and sister. It was common for a brother and a sister to marry a brother and a sister on a neighboring farm, to help insure the farms would stay in the family.
        Annie and Aaron’s father was John Harding Phoenix, a Calico Indian during the Delaware County Anti-Rent War in 1845. He’s mentioned in Henry Christman's factual account of the event, ‘Tin Horns and Calico.” He married Margaret Munson on May 13, 1847, after he was released from prison on the Governor’s pardon. They lived in Andes before they married then moved to Cleaver where they lived for the remainder of their lives. They are buried in the Carroll Cemetery, Trout Creek. Margaret’s maiden name is incorrectly “Davis” on their grave marker.
        Annie and “Jim” lived in the house once owned by Ed Bailey, on Upper Loomis Brook Rd. Jim managed the Herm Henderson farm where the Peace Plantation is now located.
        MORE: Annie was married, became a mother, and was widowed within one year at age 15 She was married to Grover Allen on December 24, 1875. He died of diphtheria sometime in 1876 before their son, Ethan Allen, was born on December 24, 1876. Her second marriage was to James Henry Constable on March 30, 1879. James Constable's sister Kate Constable married Aaron Phoenix on 25 Feb 1873. Aaron was Annie's brother. Brother and sister married brother and sister.

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Note for:   Henry Jemes Constable,   19 May 1860 - 19 Feb 1945         Index

     Place:   Walton Cemetery, Walton, Delaware, NY

Individual Note:
      "Jemes" is the correct spelling of Henry's middle name and it is engraved on his tombstone that way.
        MARRIAGE: March 30, 1879: "James Constable and Mrs. Anna Phoenix Allen were married in Cannonsville, and instead of taking the customary wedding trip, at once started housekeeping in the little log house on the Constable farm, Loomis brook. The house has long since been replaced by a modern home, and there many of the years of their long married life were spent. They also lived for a time at Third brook and three years ago came to Sidney Center to live with their daughter and family."
        60TH ANNIVERSARY: Walton Reporter, 3/31/1939: Thursday, March 30, Mr. and Mrs. James Constable, who live on the Loomis-Northfield road near Loomis, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at the home of their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Budine. Mr. and Mrs. Budine were married at Cannonsville March 30, 1879, by Rev. W.W. Wetmore at the parsonage of his church. Like Abraham Lincoln, they spent their early married life in a log house on the farm belonging to Mr. Constable's father and located about 3.5 miles from Loomis. 10 or 12 years later they built a new house on the same property, remaining there about 10 years. They then moved to the Herman Henderson farm near Loomis, where they resided about 20 years, moving from there to a farm near their present location. Two years later they occupied the place where they now live. Here they have passed the last 17 years.
        Mr. and Mrs. Constable are parents of four sons and a daughter, Andrew and Archie Constable of Third brook; Orrin Constable, who lives near Sidney Center; Ethan, who died about five years ago; and Mrs. Herman Budine of Loomis. Two pleasant dispositions is Mrs. Constable's recipe for a long and happy married existence. “Both husband and wife must have pleasant dispositions to live so many years without more than the usual number of quarrels,” said Mrs. Constable. “It takes two to make an argument,” she says, “and the best way to avoid it is for one to keep smiling when the other is in a quarrelsome mood.”
        Mr. and Mrs. Constable's birthdays are only two days apart. Mr. Constable is 79 on the 19th of May and Mrs. Constable is 78 on the 17th of May. They have 23 great-grandchildren and 24 grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Constable received a large group of friends, relatives and well-wishers Thursday afternoon at the home of their daughter and son-in-law."
        65TH ANNIVERSARY: Walton Reporter, March, 1944, Sidney Center: A family gathering, celebrating the 65th wedding anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. James Constable, was held Thursday at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Budine, with 75 relatives and friends present from Walton, Deposit, Cannonsville, Rockdale, Downsville, and Unadilla. Four generations of the family were represented, Mr. Constable, 86, being the oldest present, and his great grandchild, three months-old Evelyn Ann Yarnes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yarnes, Walton, the youngest.
        The couple received many gifts including money, a large bouquet of American Beauty roses, two decorated anniversary cakes, and about 50 cards.